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 My Bora

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PostSubject: My Bora   My Bora EmptyThu Jul 02 2009, 18:01

just realised i never started a thread for the Bora, not that much has been done since i got it lol! (not quite as enthusiastic with it as i was on the Rado!)

I got the Bora off jimmymidnight on here late last year in a deal for my greatly missed ABF Corrado as a needed something a bit more suitable for carting the kids round in. :(

This is how it looked when i got it:

My Bora Halloween002

My Bora Halloween003

first thing to go was the debadged grille as i just preffered the look of the standard one as well as changing back to its original X plate as Jimmy wanted to keep his private plate which was fine by me:

My Bora DSCF0286

My Bora DSCF0287

had a few running problems since i have had it leading to me replacing the MAF sensor, Coil pack and plugs and leads.

I also noticed recently that the front tyres were getting VERY low but with my holiday in a couple of weeks did not want to spend too much on new tyres, after considering buying some part worns (causing a bit of a depate on here) i found some standard mk4 gti 16" alloys with virtually new tyres for about the same price as one 18" tyre so thought i would buy these and run them temporarily:

My Bora CNV00199

My Bora CNV00200

I actually quite like them and i have never been that fond of the A8's so may end up leaving them on there or just flogging both sets and getting something different but not sure yet........


My Bora Newsig2gHIC
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PostSubject: Re: My Bora   My Bora EmptyMon Jul 06 2009, 19:27

Looks good martin.. I don't think ive seen many about in that colour either.
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My Bora
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