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 mk2 Driver not starting

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Liam B

Liam B

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mk2 Driver not starting Empty
PostSubject: mk2 Driver not starting   mk2 Driver not starting EmptyTue Mar 02 2010, 14:49

went to go to work at 5.30 this morning and it started up fine just as i
backed out of my drive it cut out, it restarted fine, i then got 100 yards down the road and it cut out again and wouldnt restart, (i then went to work in a vectra)

i had a look when i got home, and i have no spark, i tryed the coil From my dads mk2 and still nothing, there is power geting to the coil as put a test light on it. The cap and arm is new and done les than 500 miles but i took it off and gave it a clean, The leads are also new and done less than 500 miles, i just cant get a spark!! i thort it could be my distributor so i put a spark-plug onto my coil leed and turned it over and there is no spark!


any Thorts Guys?

Chears Liam
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mk2 Driver not starting
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