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 Classified Rules, Please read before posting

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Classified Rules, Please read before posting Empty
PostSubject: Classified Rules, Please read before posting   Classified Rules, Please read before posting EmptyThu Jan 14 2010, 11:22

When placing an ad in the classifieds, can you please include..

1. Contact details, phone number and email address please.

2. Location, the village or town where the item is located for collection or viewing.

3. Price, offers is fine but deep down, you know what you want so say it and go from there. If you get NO interest then you know your too high.

The above is compulsory, if anything is missing then you'll get a PM reminder from 1 of the Moderators. If you take no action then your classified will be removed.

4. Pictures, these would be a bonus to what your selling. If your unsure on how to post pic's on the site then please see this link which will help you http://fendubbers.forummotion.com/how-to-section-f31/how-to-post-pics-on-this-forum-t7058.htm

If thats too hard for you to do then you can always email them direct to the possible buyer once they pass on there own email address.

I have set these rules to prevent irrelevant posts asking for above details.

If your not happy with the Rules then simple, dont place an ad.

5. This is'nt the place to slander or spam someone's classified add. If you are not interested in buying the vehicle or dont have anything positive to say then dont say anything, simples.

6. Please use punctuation....you know things such as;
commas (,)
apostrophes (')
full stops (.)

Just makes things easier to read! and a break in the text using the ENTER key on your keyboard wouldn't go amiss Classified Rules, Please read before posting 460227

7. Traders.
Please do not abuse the free classifieds. Moderators can tell who you are so Only VAG cars will be allowable. NON vag will be deleted!.
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Classified Rules, Please read before posting
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