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 golf 4mo performance

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PostSubject: golf 4mo performance   golf 4mo performance EmptyMon Aug 05 2013, 16:36

ok so my first question to all of you with some knowledge on the 4motion lump!

Performance. Having owned the car since new i know the car more or less like the back of my hand.. over the years somedays il get in the car and drive and the responsiveness and acceleration is unbelievble ,torque for days a real blast to drive.. but sadly more often than that, it feels like a right barge and just feels like it doesnt want to know??

now i know the engines use a variable valve timing system, is there any solonoids or separate pumps etc i need to be looking for to ovehaul/replace etc?? to get the car back to its full potential???

anyone ???! Cheers !
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PostSubject: Re: golf 4mo performance   golf 4mo performance EmptyTue Oct 01 2013, 13:54

When they feel "flat" then its normally the maf breaking down slowly.
It doesn't throw an ecl or a fault code but you can diagnose it within vagcom on the maf readings if you had one to compare it against.

The easiest thing to do is next time it feels "flat" then unplug the maf (this will throw an ecl but dont worry)
When you do this, the car sees its missing, so uses default settings for the maf, if the car improves or is no different then the maf is very likely to be at fault. swap it out for a genuine item as the patent ones normally die just after warranty expiration.

The reason you have performance good days and bad are probably due to the weather.. if it's cold and damp or either then the car will go better anyway.

On putting the ignition on you should hear/see the vi mechanism setting itself.
you can make it operate within vagcom iirc.

Sorry it's the same old story....plug it in.

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golf 4mo performance
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