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 beetle engine needed!!!!

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beetle engine needed!!!! Empty
PostSubject: beetle engine needed!!!!   beetle engine needed!!!! EmptySat Jun 08 2013, 14:08

Well pheobe hit a hole in the road..... sump was replaced but oil pressure sensor went f**k nuts so took her to vw for a pressure test came back at 22 psi.... should b between 25 an 42 psi.. so they found a blocked sump filter... but they also found aliminum shards and lumps in the oil in the sump so they traveld round tge engine...... and then led to looking at oil pump.... that hadnt failed and was intact so means its something breaking down in the engine. This gives me very few options and a brand new engine costs 4,000 that is not worth the car. So now looking for next steps.. my mum said new car and I cried I loves pheobe and I will resurrect the girl.... I love my dub and this is not tge end of my baby... so if any one can gelp me I am looking for a engine for a 2000 beetle shes a 2.0 8v manual.. please all ideas are welcomed I want her back...
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beetle engine needed!!!!
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