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 My Type 34 Restoration

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My Type 34 Restoration Empty
PostSubject: My Type 34 Restoration   My Type 34 Restoration EmptyTue Jun 04 2013, 16:22

Now my seven days are up, here are some pics of my Type 3 Ghia I imported from the states last year and am still rebuilding.
It was in bits when I bought it which was scary as parts for these cars are like hens teeth.
And I was right to be scared, when it arrived there was plenty of stuff missing and what was there had all been fried in the sun.
Anyway I was lucky - very lucky - to find a donor car from the same year 65, so I think I've got everything now and the car should be painted in the next week or so.
Thing is the engine hasn't run in 24 years so I need someone to strip it, check it over and replace whats needed. It turns over fine so hopefullyits just rings etc but I've got a million and one other jobs to be getting on with.
Does Anyone have any ideas where I could take it locally to get it done?

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My Type 34 Restoration Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Type 34 Restoration   My Type 34 Restoration EmptyTue Jun 04 2013, 21:52

Balls'd or T2D ???.......both companies know their stuff when it comes to old aircooled stuff Thumbs up
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My Type 34 Restoration
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