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PostSubject: Claim Question    Claim Question   EmptySun Dec 18 2011, 14:44

I have a motor bike which was stolen.
I informed the police because I don't have to pay any speeding/parking fee since that moment.
A half an hour I found my bike parked by somebody in 200 metres from my home and a bit damaged.
I informed the police who promised to come but failed in 1.5 hours.
I called the police one more time and from their permission took my bike.

Will I have a claim? Will this affect on my next insurance price?

I fixed my bike and do not need any compensation.

PS. To say honestly my son in law called the police on my VERBAL behalf because I visited his hamily.
A week after police called to me from private number to confirm this claim and I asked their phone number (101)
because I do not believe that the police will not inform my insurance company. Or maybe the last one have access to the full database.
What should I do to save money? I have 3 part insurance option on bike and full comprehensive on my car.
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Claim Question
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