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 New car

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PostSubject: New car   New car EmptySun Aug 17 2008, 13:39

Alright guys and girls.

I don't really post much on here as I don't normally feel the need to, (I just enjoy browsing), but I got such positive comments when I put up pics of my last car, that I thought I'd show you my new car and ask for some ideas.

For those that don't remember my old car, here's one of the pics I put on here before

New car S7000239Small

She was a 1993 Mk3 Golf 1.4 Ryder which I never really paid anything for, although I spent over 1000 modifying it.
My mate offered me 1700 for it, so I said yes as I'd immediately be making a profit.
I took off the grill, fog lights, fog light switch, front splitter, lower air intakes, bonnet lifters, and induction kit, before he came to look at the car as I knew I'd be buying another Mk3 and I could re-use them all.
He then told me he could only afford 1600, so I could keep the parcel shelf with Kenwood 6x9s, VR6 front seats, and the headlights, unless I wanted to chuck them in for free. Knowing full well they'd all go in my next car, I took them off straight away Laughing

He came back with the cash and collected the car, and as the car drove off down the road, I was kinda sad to see it go after all the time and effort I'd put in, but at the end of the day I was making a 600 profit! and I knew my next car would be a better version of that one, so I wasn't too fussed.

The next day I headed down to my local scrappy to pick up my new car, a 1996 Mk3 Golf 1.4 SE in dragon green, but first I had to change the driveshaft on it as it was knackered! Changed the driveshaft and got it home within a few hours, and before I even got the camera out, I'd ripped off the standard splitter and fitted the VR6 one, fitted the bonnet lifters, and changed all the manky beige interior for black VR6 interior, (door cards, seats, carpets, parcel shelf and suppports) So these were the first pics I took of it..

New car S7000308Medium

New car S7000310Medium

I then colour coded the tailgate plinth, sprayed the rear badge matt black, and de-wipered it..

New car S7000320Medium

While I was at it, I sprayed the grill Dragon green, and fitted the quad lamps and fogs..

New car S7000330Medium

Also tried my dads 15" alloys on, but they looked too small..

New car S7000333Medium

Bought some Auto glym products so thought I'd make my car nice and shiny..

New car S7000337Medium

I knew that wheels make or break a car, so after a lot of deciding, I ordered the wheels I wanted and they arrived within a few days, aswell as the smoked indicators I ordered, so I fitted the wheels and indicators, and while I was at it, thought I'd fit the lower air intakes too..

New car S7000367Medium

New car S7000370Medium

At this point I really wasn't happy, I thought I'd wasted 430 on a set of wheels that didn't suit the car, but in the end I realised it was down to the stupid ride height. I even had a little joke going with my mate, I told him it was the Mk3 Golf 'Syncro Edition' Laughing

I was originally going to go for an 80mm drop, but my mate let me down so I decided I'd just order coilovers instead.
They soon arrived, so I fitted them and brought the car down to a respectable height..

New car S7000380Medium

New car S7000378Medium

I found a Mk3 bonnet bra in the shed so I put that on which hides all the stone chips lol, and I also fitted some of those funky 'flat' wiper blades, so this is pretty much how it stands now..

New car S7000389Medium

Although yesterday I decided to drop it another half inch Very Happy

All I'd like now is:
- Leather handbrake and steering wheel
- Twin round exhaust (Jetex or similar)
- Smoked crystal rear lights
- Smoked front fogs

I have a VR6 rear spoiler to go on, but I'm still undecided as to whether I should fit it.

Also thinking of getting hold of another bumper and doing a little smoothing on it.

Sorry it's a bit of an essay, most project threads are though scratch

All comments and ideas welcome. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: New car   New car EmptySun Aug 17 2008, 16:44

Looks cool m8!
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PostSubject: Re: New car   New car EmptySun Aug 17 2008, 17:42

I quite like it too Cool

New car Caddy320
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PostSubject: Re: New car   New car EmptySun Aug 17 2008, 18:32

like this alot mate looks propa mean and moody Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: New car   New car EmptySun Aug 17 2008, 18:33

looking good fella!!
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PostSubject: Re: New car   New car EmptySun Aug 17 2008, 18:51

Looks sweet m8, not really a fan of twin headlights though.
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PostSubject: Re: New car   New car EmptySun Aug 17 2008, 22:18

Cheers for the comments so far guys, really appreciate it Very Happy

I understand a lot of people may not like the look of the twin headlights, but they fit in well with the 'mean and moody' look. I've not actually seen another set of lights that would set it off as much as the twins.
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New car
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