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 Banded steelies, diameter and tyre size?

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PostSubject: Banded steelies, diameter and tyre size?   Mon Aug 22 2011, 20:40

Hi Everyone,

I have recently bought a 1995 Golf mk3, I plan to fit it with coilovers and banded steelies... However when It comes to Picking the right wheel size and tyre combo I'm lost...

I found this picture on google images of this Passat (I think it's a Passat scratch )

I really like the look of these but Im not atall sure what diametre the Passat's wheels are, does anyone have any ideas? My car has 13" wheels at the moment, but I think they will look a bit small even when lowered.

I would also like the tyres to have some stretch but I'm not sure how much smaller the tyres should be in relation to the rims? (I'm guessing this would depend on the wall size of the tyre?)

FINALLY!! what width rim would you people recomend? I like the look when they hang out of the arches a bit.

Here's a picture of my car at the moment just to give you an idea, she is a bit granified but I think there is potential.

Sorry If some of the questions I have asked are a bit basic, I'm fresh from bikes.
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PostSubject: .   Thu Dec 29 2011, 09:41

i have some bandies would suit your car perfect Smile
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Banded steelies, diameter and tyre size?
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