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 A10 meet

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PostSubject: A10 meet    A10 meet  EmptyThu Jul 28 2011, 18:41

mite pop over to this again new location see link


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PostSubject: Re: A10 meet    A10 meet  EmptyFri Jul 29 2011, 08:14

The last meet was lacking a bit to be honest. There were more corsa's than anything else.

The guy organising mentioned a BBQ but there wasn't anyone having one when we got there, so we cracked out a couple of disposables.
And whoever the guy was who told us to "F*** off, someone died here last week!" when we revved our engines before we left made the afternoon all the more.... nice. Dude was an utter p***k. Let's people race about but assumes we're going to die because we revved our engines. Looked p!ssed off his face too. W@nker.

And this time it's in a car park with speed bumps!?

I know the guy's trying to start up a new meet, but I don't think it's gonna work really.
I can barely drive over a slope.. (cough*Pistonheads*cough) let alone get over ANY speedbumps.

I won't be going again.
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A10 meet
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