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 Kr fuel pump wont prime??

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Kr fuel pump wont prime?? Empty
PostSubject: Kr fuel pump wont prime??   Kr fuel pump wont prime?? EmptySun May 29 2011, 16:35

Hi guys

I've got a 1990 mk2 golf 16v that someone has cut the wireing loom about on so as above the fuel pump wont prime!! I have a couple of spare wires one from plug G1 on the fuse box, there are 2 wires that come out of pin 4 one goes to the coil and the other goes no where! I also have a brown/black wire that i don't know what it does? I thought i had solved my problem as i bought an other90spec 16v loom only to find out that it isn't quite the same as the one i've already got but saying that it does prime the pump it just doesn't turn the engine over! On the new loom there is what looks like a double relay holder and one of the black wires goes to that but on the old loom i dont have that! I'm just getting more confused the more i look at the car! i just wish i could get it to start. I don't kinow if this helps but the car was once a vr6 and the car was running ok at that time. Can anyone help me please??


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Kr fuel pump wont prime??
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