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 Adi's GTD

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PostSubject: Adi's GTD   Adi's GTD EmptyWed Mar 30 2011, 21:43

Well some of you are aware that I sold my GL project to move onto something new. This is my 9th mk2 now, and it's my 1st diesel one. This came up at the right price (those who know me will know it wasn't a lot), come with Tax till end of July and MOT till the end of September, and 218k on it. It drives spot on, is on early hottuning coilovers, and its true what they say, the earlier ones are a much nicer ride, it doesn't crash and knock your teeth out, the ride is actually superb! It has remote central locking, red stripe 90 spec GTI interior, and surprisingly the intercooler has ALL its plastic shrouds Smile
3 things broke on the ride home though, a fuel tank strap, the backbox fell apart, and a plastic arch trim nearly went flying! I've since screwed on the arch trim, removed the backbox and I'm picking up a gti one tonight, and removed the hanging tank strap. Only other thing to sort is the rev counter, as the wire has broken off the alternator. This is how I got it...

Adi's GTD P110324_103542
Adi's GTD P110324_103557
Adi's GTD P110324_103526
Adi's GTD P110324_103507
Adi's GTD P110324_103727
Adi's GTD P110324_103659

Then today it went down another inch or so and I've red striped the bumpers. You may notice its missing a backbox, I took it off today cuz it was falling apart, GTI one will be on it tomorrow. Also picking up a mk3 shift rod and small splitter on sunday, and hopefully new wheels this weekend. Heres how it looks now...

Adi's GTD P110324_205422
Adi's GTD P110324_205405

The shell is fairly rusty and IMO some bits aren't really worth repairing, so when the MOT runs out I may look into buying a cheap GTI with no engine and re-shell it Smile

New face, front splitter, new lows, new exhaust, mk3 shift rod fitted and I found these under the boot carpet Smile

Adi's GTD P110327_113401

And how it looks now, with my roof bars I kept from the GL, oh and I red-striped the bumpers, but ran out of vinyl to do the grille Sad

Adi's GTD P110327_104816
Adi's GTD P110327_185340
Adi's GTD P110327_185403
Adi's GTD P110327_185434
Adi's GTD P110327_185454
Adi's GTD P110327_185515

I've also adjusted the max fuel screw slightly and removed the trumpet from the airbox, makes an impressive "whoooooshhh" on boost now Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Adi's GTD   Adi's GTD EmptyThu Mar 31 2011, 19:53

looks good . Thumbs up shame about the us indicators
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Adi's GTD
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