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 mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr

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mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr Empty
PostSubject: mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr   mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr EmptySat Oct 02 2010, 14:15

hi everyone

heres my car got it may 2010 got the car to be my new project after "finishing" my class mini project (which seems to break every other week...)
picked this golf up for 150 from a guy who was to old to run it anymore he said his reactions were to slow to keep driving he also told me he use to drag race this car at santapod drag strip told me he use to red line it in every gear and it never complained also said it does 130mph this would worry most people but as its a project i knew i'd be giving it a full look over before its on the street again. he told me the brakes needed uprating turns out the vaccum hoses had cracks and splits in them now there fixed it idles better too. the guy weren't lying about the drag strip there was 1/4 mile drag print outs in the glove box and in the service history. its b reg (85) started as a 1.6 gti he paided to have it changed to a 1.8 k jet and had it open up to a 1.9 bigger valves and tuned up on a rolling road i know this coz theres a receipt for 3000 where the conversion was done at gti engeering the suspension was changed to 16v units at the same time. and theres a full history of everything he'd had done while he owned it. was looking at the service history and the car was imported from malta kinda wondered why the wipers where the wrong way round and theres no holes to swap it other lol.

all i've done so far (baring in mind my mini keeps making me pay out for stuff) is i got a set of big bumpers for it and i broke another mk2 golf gti so i could get a load of bits for mine then sell the rest so it works out that i got the parts all for free from the car i took for mine coilovers tsw 15" alloys parcel shelf shelf supports set of spare head lights and fogs hid light kit speakers the rear big bumper and a rust free tailgate. most happy with the coilovers tbh Very Happy

i've done some mods i guess shaved off the tailgate lock and fitted a popper did it in a security sense really kept the piece of trim that holds the number plate light just smoothed the lock out and filled the hole in the tailgate buy welding a plate into it. i've hidden the aerial in the dip tray under the bonnet guna fill the old hole when i get round to body working that part of the car. fitted some wolfsburg mirror adjusters and lock pins its got a momo steering wheel n boss with a wolfsburg centre. (got a chainlink steering wheel for it as well but aint fitting that until later Wink ) removed the rub strips and been going around sorting out all the stone chips that have started rusting theres like a 100 of them so its keeping me busy. when i got the car it had rust on the rear ends of both sills and on the meeting face inside the wheel arch but i sorted that all out in the 1st week of having it did it proper so it aint guna creep back took it back to good metal then let in some new steel and undersealed it. heres some pics its never guna be a show winner just something different/nice and clean to look at, i wanna go for the proper gti black in the long run and il get it pro sprayed but for now once its body worked its guna be matt black untill said spray job and if that makes it a rat in some peoples eyes then so be it Smile

(jacked up whilst welding getting done in a few of these pics)
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCF0589
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCF0607-1
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCF0590-1
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCF0637-1
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCF0641
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCF0644
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCF0667-1
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3163

(big bumpers fitted and tsw 15" alloys)
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3166
not bolted in place
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3167
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3169
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3214
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3219
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3222
i refurbed these alloys
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3230
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3232
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3237
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3246
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3266
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3270
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3274
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3312
abit of polishing
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3318
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3329
abit of tinting
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3332
abit of no rub strips
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3538
part of the rust treatment needed
mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr DSCN3539

any comments welcome and ideas and mods javascript:emoticonp('Smile')

guna be getting painted soon once the rust treating is done and i've gota have the windscreen out to repair some bubbling around the edge of it

and yes i need to fit my coilovers but its on grass atm so it would be cheating coz i could just let the grass grow Wink
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mattt's mk2 golf gti 3dr
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